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The art of data analytics

This datasheet explains in brief how a successful data science solution is built.
After the ‘RAW’ data is captured, filtering and interpretation comes insight.

The way EasyData experiences fulfillment for this task is explained in this document.
Our Intelligent Transformation Platform is from where your process take off.

Office automation by document classification

Imagine the efficiency profit you realize by understanding the document content.
This data sheet explains how incoming emails are automatically interpreted.

You can start a workflow to the designated employee with the correct information.
Enrich documents with additional content, it starts with document classification!

Data capture, get structured content!

This datasheet explains the expertise on what EasyData is founded 20+ years ago.
Back then all documents need to be scanned, digital born was a faraway fantasy.

During this ‘scanning period’ we learned the practice of data capture the hard way.
Today it’s different, but we still have a lot of benefit from our interpretation roots.

This document leads you quickly from history to today’s digital born interpretation.

After the data, it’s about the export

EasyData developed a Business connector that connects to any system available today.
Our Business connector is a module for the Intelligent Transformation Platform.

That’s the original design, smart deployable technology to hook on to our solutions.
Everyday reality shows usage for existing (legacy) applications and we support that too.

Let this brochure be your cliffhanger when thinking about system integration.

OCR, EasyData Expertise

EasyData supports ABBYY OCR for more than 20 years and our expertise still grows.
Nevertheless there is a demand for tailored OCR technology that we like to provide.

Based on market request we build OCR technology to for fill specific demands.
That’s why you find unique OCR features inside and explained in this brochure.

EasySeparate, it’s a brand

The name doesn’t cover the capabilities in any way and we stopped trying to do so.
Browsing the Internet or web portals automatically and providing you the results.

Where is the separation part? Perhaps the platform independent approach?
It’s up to your decision where EasySeparate match your requirements.

This brochure gives you inside what to expect from this data science innovation!

Make your documents visible

There are always exceptions and, in that case, there is a need to effectively follow up.
For this reason we designed EasyVerify, a fast-online system that helps you out easily.

When you are setting up a document classification process EasyVerify will assist you.
Suppose there are errors inside an invoice, EasyVerify can do the calculations for you.

Let this documentation be the starting point for your own (evaluation) environment!

When you image quality needs improvement

Imagine documents that are not clear enough for recognition, we see these a lot.
Not just from scanned documents, also by pictures taken with your phone.

That’s the status of today, more clients like to understand fewer common images.
As a result of that demand we developed smart algorithms that help recognition.

A brochure can’t cover technology, it’s meant to be the bridge to your request.

EasyData’s Intelligent Transformation Platform

The architecture we use in our projects, are usable in the Cloud, or on premises.
It’s what you prefer in your specific needs and environmental requirements.

During the years we developed many modules to be connected to our platform.
You are invited to experience the value and readiness of this system yourself!

Let’s get in tough and let this brochure be your reminder for doing so.

Implementing machine learning projects

EasyData brings you the best quality with top performance in turn key solutions.
Depending on the tasks our engineers use different systems to gain results.

That’s not your concern, we take care of the technology and present results.
This brochure gives an overview on the services we can offer our customers.

Don’t block your creativity, share your ideas and we bring these to work!

Mailroom automation means effectiveness

Use innovative technologies effectively on your incoming correspondence.
How much is spent on classifying and understanding digital business data?

Imagine the time saved by connecting invoices to orders on external portals.
Or GDPR compliance on automatic classification by personal data.

Light weight solutions don’t cost tons, let this brochure be your guideline.

Smarter PDF’s with PDFCommunicator

Make a PDF with (UBL) XML or extract any other important data from PDF’s.
Or take the other route by printing a PDF with important data inside an XML.

PDFCommunicator works inside your organization hassle free, nothing changes.
Print or receive documents as you used to do so, but now with more efficiency.

A brochure explaining a new way of thinking about process automation.

Get professionals on board

Suppose you have an automation project where specific expertise is required.
This senior expertise can be hard to find and will have a large budget impact.

Realizing these considerations, it’s good to know that there is an alternative.
EasyData Professional Services are available for doing and project management.

In this document you find specific information about our expertise and talents.

Avoid common office tasks

Every day incoming orders are manually entered from one system into the other.
When these type of work sounds familiar to you it’s useful to consider automation.

EasyData supports the known world leading brands on Robot Process automation.
During the years we found our own technology more useful in certain projects.

This brochure gives you an idea what to suspect from our services.

Validation dataset for wagon number recognition

Every day we are faced with a huge amount of different numbers. Now EasyData has its own technologies to automate the number recognition process. We developed a brand new efficient approach for the number recognition task. Our solution can recognize numbers in real time using CCTV cameras.

Here we introduce the validation dataset that was used in our scientific paper to test our approach recognition accuracy. The Validation Dataset contains 2000 images of 500 different wagons to test the number detection and recognition pipeline. There are 2-5 images per wagon.

In real video processing, there are multiple images of the same wagon, so if we want to test the recognition pipeline under similar conditions, as it would in a real task, we should use a dataset with multiple images per wagon and check if there was at least one correct recognition of the wagon number.