Data Capture, essential for Intelligent Automation

Data Capture, essential for Intelligent Automation

Data capture is the process of extracting information from paper or electronic documents and converting it into data for key systems. I.e., the technology works for any type of document, structured or unstructured, and data capture technology allows you to pull data from almost any document. Basically, it’s where most organizations begin their information management and digital transformation journey.

Data Capture in an innovative way

Data Capture in an innovative way
Data Capture or the the Fine Art of understanding

Data Capture or the Fine Art of understanding

Streaming data input technology raises your workflow and business processes to a new quality level. At the same time, before being transformed into a structured view, your data is recognized and validated. It’s done by machine learning algorithms optimized specifically for your scenario. This way, each project has its own specific requirements: documentation amount, workflow, processing, validation, and export to external systems. Learn more about the history of our specialization.

To sum up, EasyData has accumulated a lot of experience. And it allows us to solve specific tasks as efficiently as possible. Obviously, the data processing should be clear and transparent. That is why, our smart solutions provide the user with proper information about the system state through readable reports and Grafana dashboards.

Data Capture

Obviously, the bedrock of streaming data entry systems is the process of data extraction from images using OCR (printed text) and ICR (handwritten text) technologies.

That is how we turn your forms into usable data!

Email monitoring

First, capture information from incoming emails. Second, make classifications based on sets of various documents, e.g. invoices, orders, checks, bank documents, etc.

All in all, let our reliable data capture solution read the information, structure data and send it to the proper application.

Online or on premises

Based on your demands our solution can be locally installed or accessed by a subscription model from our high-volume cloud environment.

Should you have a one time large amount to process, our Cloud solution will be ideal and effective. However, this is not alimitation, we perform local installations too!