Machine Learning, your Business Process Benefit

Machine Learning, your Business Process Benefit

Machine Learning

Machine Learning science is no Magic

Machine Learning (ML) begins practically with the historical defeat of Garry Kasparov in the match against the IBM Deep Blue supercomputer in 1996. Later the same year it won another match in New York. And there are many other examples of machine learning smart use ever since.

Nowadays, EasyData transforms existing proven technology into new innovative ones. As a matter of fact, most of our standard out-of-the-box machine learning libraries are designed to understand handwritten characters, specific hard-to-read printed text, and combinations of these objects (for example, combined in an invoice, technical drawings etc.).

Our workday

Basically, our workflow is all about data science. We use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies. This provides us with algorithms that learn by themselves. But our real goal is for EasyData engineers to find the most optimized series of algorithms to understand and interpret your problem in the best way.

Deep Learning

Finding the right way for your problem we can extend our ML to Deep Learning (DL) algorithms. In fact Deep learning is a way of ML, but with different capabilities. Most ML models that we use become better over time and are open to accept guidance from you, the user. Talking about Deep Learning, this algorithm can determine on its own if a prediction is valuable or skip the fact based on its own algorithms.

Innovation, effectiveness and expertise

Once we got requests to read and interpret text from moving railroad wagons. You can contact us with a description of your specific task, and we will make every effort to solve it. All our experience is at your service.

Machine learning is a science

The concept underlying ML is writing such a program code that won’t be acting like a
programmed code. Over the past decade, machine learning gave us automated workflows,
text recognition, effective web search, and much more. In turn, this success changed the way
software engineers and automation architects think about workflow automation.

Keep reading

You’ll learn more about the practice about powerful applications that
enable you to perform more efficiently, error free
in your daily routine, that’s what it’s all about.
This way, you can free-up costly time with relatively simple
adaptions running in the cloud
or on premise.

Our work

We provide our customers with
innovative ML
technologies. This is how EasyData
opens the gate to the world of data mining,
artificial intelligence, and statistical pattern recognition
on levels unknown before for small and medium size companies.

That’s our promise to you:
Get mind-blowing technologies at your site.
What is machine learning?

What is machine learning?

ML is an incredibly useful tool for data analyzing, uncovering hidden information, and predicting future trends. In a nutshell an analytical model is built through the system study. However, do not confuse machine learning with artificial intelligence; where systems learn unattended from data, independently identify patterns and make decisions without human intervention.

History and future of machine learning

Current machine learning technologies are not comparable with the machine learning algorithms used at the beginnings. Interestingly, the term machine learning first appeared in 1959 as a definition by Arthur Samuel, an IBM Engineer and pioneer in the artificial intelligence field. Next, the first book on ML titled The Mathematical Foundations of Learning Machines by Nils J.Nilsson saw light in 1990. And this book became a bibliographic rarity one day that describes machine learning based on a pattern classification approach. Based on these principles, the pattern recognition emerged in the 1970s, followed by a neural network-based learning strategy for digital character recognition. 

Machine learning is the cradle of computer science, giving the ability for artificial intelligence to learn from data on its own.

Machine learning to you

Each organization is guided by the same business management principle and the accumulation of a large amount of information.

Suppose you have a set of GDPR compliant documents that needs to be classified and processed. Our goal is to give you straight answers regarding your ROI. Imagine being able to automate tasks using models that can analyze complex data and deliver results in different ways: workflow automation, Excel reports or actual online dashboards to visualize what actions you need to take to get benefit for your organization. This is your investment in your business. For us you will become the most important client ever!

Machine learning to you


Based on the years of experience in this field, we will recommend the best ML option for your system. What is more, our data center can be accessed  in a GDPR compatible way via Internet. Hense, such access significantly saves you time and provides access to our technologies without installation hassle.

Let’s get started

Define your request: what data do you have and what results do you want? The data could be in a form of documents of all types, databases (including those that available via Internet), even video films.

Collecting data to analyze

When your request is defined and we understand what neural network should be used in machine learning, we need data examples. EasyData has vast experience, all these years we have been creating a library of ready-to-use models. Based on your data sample, EasyData engineers will select the proper library and modify it for the specific tasks you have in mind.

Get the first results

The more data we get from the start, the better machine learning results can be provided at first output. We don’t get started without enough data to properly execute algorithms and an acceptable level of machine learning accuracy.

You will also be able to monitor the process through our online monitoring system. GDPR is secured while working with monitoring, sensors and connections are made from separated servers.

Customizing machine learning

When the first results emerging it’s important to customize the machine learning model to higher goals.This step requires operator participation to fine-setting the algorithms. At your request, EasyData selects employees whose knowledge and experience best suits your tasks. Based on our online architecture, you can set the workplaces anywhere in the world where there is an Internet. And with a customizable online dashboard, you can monitor the quality and throughput of each employee.

Machine learning to go

The last and most enjoyable stage of our work is when machine learning is fully debugged and works continuously with your data, and you have no idea how you could manage without it before. Now it’s time to move on; are you intended to run the system on your own hardware, is this approach fitting you budget or business strategy? In any case, having walked with us all the way up to this moment, you can always count on our knowledge and active support in the future.