EasyData: From Scan and Recognize to AI

Scan and recognize the source

EasyData originated in 1999 in Apeldoorn with a clear mission: to provide top-notch Scan and Recognition Software that was in high demand during the digitization boom. What sparked the idea of creating document-oriented ‘Scan and Recognize’ software? Well, it was pretty straightforward. There simply wasn’t an affordable solution out there. That’s when Rob Camerlink, the founder of EasyData, spotted an opportunity in 1999 to shake things up.

In practical terms, this meant transforming office printers/scanners into versatile tools with added value. After all, what good is a multifunctional device if it can only scan? We specialized in offering efficient and budget-friendly Document Software solutions for big names like Oce, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, and others. During those early days of office scanning and digital document processing, we pioneered various innovative solutions, from invoice recognition to automating database entries using data extracted from recognized documents.

History is in the pictures

This video provides a concise historical overview of EasyData and our Scan and Recognize journey. The MFPs highlighted in the video significantly contributed to EasyData’s development until 2010.

Nowadays, EasyData products primarily serve MFP manufacturers when their in-house Scan and Recognition Software solutions fall short for various reasons. EasyData has transitioned its focus from solely catering to MFP manufacturers to serving a broader array of partners seeking our expertise.

Scan and Recognize Technology

EasyData brings innovative technology right from the start in a practical, easily deployable Scan and Recognize model. Initially, EasyData heavily relied on ABBYY FineReader technology during its early years. At that time, ABBYY’s OCR text recognition quality was truly groundbreaking. EasyData diligently worked on forging strong connections with the manufacturer, particularly with ABBYY developers.

By adopting the ABBYY FineReader Software Development Kit (SDK), tailored for developers, EasyData integrated Scan and Recognize functions into its software, EasySeparate. This document software solution was crafted in response to market demands. Customer feedback ranged from basic Zone OCR needs to sophisticated invoice line recognition and data validation.

In essence, EasySeparate offers Scan and Recognize capabilities straight out of the box, covering a wide spectrum of document processing tasks!

Scan and Recognize out of the box

EasySeparate has been in the game for 25 years and is still going strong, especially for those in need of ‘on-premise’ solutions. We’ve set up over 1000 Scan and Recognize installations through our trusted partner network, and we’re not stopping there. We’re always refining EasySeparate to meet the evolving needs of our partners who are committed to delivering top-notch scanning and recognition solutions.

We’re all about keeping things simple and transparent. Our pricing has remained stable for 25 years, so no surprises there. Plus, we’re here to support our partners every step of the way as the market changes, helping them take EasySeparate to new heights.

And guess what? EasySeparate comes equipped with the latest ABBYY OCR technology, courtesy of EasyData. It’s all about making your scanning and recognition experience smooth and efficient.

So, welcome aboard! Let’s make your scanning and recognition journey a breeze.

Innovation is in our DNA

EasySeparate has stood out as a unique Scan and Recognize solution since day one. It’s not just for structured documents; think invoices, for instance, where crucial data like total amounts and dates aren’t always in the same spot.

We’re not just following ABBYY anymore; we’re carving our own path. EasyData is all about FlexiCapture technology. Some of our engineers even hail from ABBYY, bringing their expertise in ABBYY FlexiCapture development along for the ride.

So, it’s only natural that this valuable knowledge translates into enhanced FlexiCapture capabilities for your projects where Scan and Recognition Software is key.

The Rise of SaaS

By 2010, a notable shift emerged in new EasySeparate installations, with an increasing demand for functionalities beyond one’s own IT infrastructure. While EasyData primarily focuses on technology development, managing a data center isn’t (yet) within our scope. Security is paramount, especially when it comes to safeguarding customer data – an expertise that falls into a different domain.

During this phase, EasyData began honing its proficiency in advising customers and partners on the optimal installation of our innovative Scan and Recognition Software solutions in the Private Cloud. This entailed providing comprehensive guidance on network architecture and workflow processes. This knowledge has proven invaluable, laying the groundwork for our current expansion into SaaS within our very own EasyData Data Center, set to open its virtual doors in 2020.

Market Dynamics Amidst the Pandemic

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in significant changes in the market landscape. As previously mentioned, SaaS solutions have been quietly gaining traction among our clientele. EasyData’s customers seek innovative Scan and Recognize solutions that are not only cutting-edge and cost-effective but also require minimal installation and management on their end.

The outbreak of the Corona crisis in 2020 served as a catalyst for real technical transformations within EasyData. In response to customer demands, we are shifting towards hosting innovative Scan and Recognition solutions in our own data center. The catalyst? A new customer request emerged; an existing client expressed a desire to leverage our Scan and Recognize innovations exclusively as a Cloud-based application.

Concurrently, another client presented a monumental challenge – processing a staggering 2,500,000 documents within a month, sans the burden of hardware procurement and maintenance. This unique combination propelled us to leverage our expertise in SaaS infrastructure. Thus, EasyData is poised to offer Cloud solutions directly from our highly secured data center, bridging the gap between innovation and practicality. 

Advancing Software Development: Scan and Recognize

We’re making strides toward our ambitions. EasyData’s innovative Machine Learning-driven Scan and Recognize Document Software solutions find their way into a wide variety of software applications. As our company expands and the need for a dedicated space for Scan and Recognize software development grows, we’re pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Yerevan, Armenia!

Armenia’s IT sector is known for its strong scientific and educational foundations, qualities that align well with EasyData’s values. And we look forward to leveraging its talented workforce to enhance our software development efforts.

Discover EasyData in Yerevan

EasyData Armenia is now better equipped to support our international customers and partners. Part of our support and Scan and Recognize development team is based in Yerevan, allowing us to assist our clients across various continents where our Document Software is used. We’ve also noticed a growing demand for Data Science solutions in the Armenian IT market.

EasyData Armenia comprises a mix of experienced professionals and recent graduates from top Armenian educational institutions. This blend of expertise and fresh talent perfectly aligns with our strategy to expand into countries with increasing digital needs for Scan and Recognize Document Software solutions.

In addition to its strategic importance, Armenia offers beautiful natural scenery and friendly locals. We welcome you to visit EasyData Armenia and witness our dedication to innovation firsthand!