Invoice optimization? Calculate your profit!

ROI calculator… Is interest in document optimization worthwhile?
Calculate it yourself! Not only suitable for invoice recognition but think about orders or other documents…

General information
Number of incoming documents each month
Document types that need to be classified
Keyboard work (plus searching and matching values, etc.)
Average consulting time unclear documents per month
Administrative employee work hours a month in total
Administrative salary per month
Project calculation
Time needed to inform EasyData
Preferred installation
Process dashboarding
Export model
Monthly hours:
Monthly costs:
Project costs:
Licence model
Licence model:
License price:
Monthly costs:
Employee costs:
Document process time:

Return On Investment (ROI):
Solutions are calculated exclusive the use of EasyVerify. The estimated fees are for orientation purposes only and are not binding on either you or EasyData. Actual fees may be higher or lower than the estimation shows. A specific quotation based on your situation will be provided on your request. ABBYY Technology can only be obtained by on premises installation.
ROI calculator