OCR automation gets Business processes in reach of Data Science

OCR automation gets Business processes in reach of Data Science

OCR Automation is one way of looking into PDFCommunicator
OCR Technology: PDFCommunicator

OCR Automation is one way of looking into PDFCommunicator as the solution automatically generate an OCR PDF from an image. It is also possible to add an XML description to the PDF file. For example, all data in invoices will be exported to UBL (Universal Business Language) XML.

PDFCommunicator can automatically check the quote you have calculated to see if the invoice has general terms and conditions attached and other procedures that apply to your way of sending documents to your customers.

The same functions apply to incoming documents.

PDF Communicator is a 100% on premises PDF creation app.
Install on your desktop and create PDF files easily and simply.

Workflows can be automated using a scripting module.

A server license is available for big companies with a large volume of documents. PDFCommunicator can work within your IT structure like any other service on your server. It provides optimal performance and transparency through database connections and advanced logging.

PDFCommunicator comes with a step-by-step user guide and video tutorials explaining the different levels of operation.

Although, if you have any problems with document definitions, we are ready to bring them under control. If you are unable to install on premises, our Cloud-based PDFCommunicator solution is at your service.

We are always ready to help you!

OCR Technology: EasySeparate

It is an innovative digital transformation platform that gives you complete control over inbound and outbound data in any form. EasySeparate can receive information from a web portal, analyze content and send results to any office application. Working in this way, you will find a stable and stress-free environment for your employees, as a result, and incoming orders will be processed without error thanks to in-built electronic docs and OCR automation. Also, orders outside the workflow automation smoothly reach the assigned people. Summing up, EasySeparate is the most innovative process automation solution you can find!

It’s easy to start document automation with EasySeparate.

EasySeparate has a Windows service architecture foundation. With over 20 years of development, it can be considered the most stable and bug-free digital transformation platform on the market. Furthermore, its’ architecture is closely related to ABBYY Technology, but it also works with other text recognition engines for OCR automation.

Today’s installations mostly lack OCR technology let alone OCR Automation. However, we have it all boosted by state-of-the art machine learning technology and automated workflows. Last but not least, EasySeparate also comes in Linux version.

That’s why we love to demonstrate that EasySeparate integrates seamlessly into any IT environment and connects to any external system. EasySeparate works best if you don’t even know it exists, all because its’ architecture design ensures stable background operation. By working this way, all applications receive the information they need in the format they need it. Therefore, first of all, we want to understand as well as possible your project requirements in order to develop the ideal digital doc and OCR automation solution. We are happy to provide you with technical support and look forward to your feedback!

OCR Automation: EasySeparate
OCR Automation: Financial Search
OCR Technology: Financial Search

Financial Search is a combination of EasyData technology transformed into tangible results. Our innovative technology recognizes and analyzes any information on paper, the Internet, databases or other sources. Financial Search presents results in an easy-to-understand form, depending on the parameters set in a specific query configuration.

Analyze data with innovative technology.

Financial Search is a plug-in module for EasySeparate and comes as an extension of our digital transformation platform capable of analyzing any data source. Hense, the process can be launched both on your server and in our Cloud of your choice. Most often, Financial Search assists specific applications and generates results according to the specific requests of our clients. Indeed, this makes the Financial Search module unique. So, tell us about your individual requests, and we will tell you how our innovative technologies will help you get the result you need!

We provide a test drive so that you get an idea of ​​the Financial Search. We make complex data structures visible. Our goal is to create a model where you can start doing your own calculations. Therefore, we have several ready-made solutions that we can show on a web session or directly in our office. A showcase can be found at financiele.club; it shows the process of automatically downloading annual reports, then classifying them by industry, combining actual stock data and extracting consolidated balance sheets.
The technology works with Digital Born documents or will be effective by OCR automation.

OCR Technology: RPA

RPA uses our data capture technologies very successfully as we make repetitive work a throwback. That’s why, RPA system manufacturers use our technology and expertise. Our innovative digital transformation platform can replace manual human labor in many workflows.

Ask us about the details how to implement OCR automation!

EasyData RPA technology is based on our data interpretation algorithms. Connecting PDFCommunicator and Financial Search to EasySeparate realizes our digital transformation vision. Now, workflow automation can be considered almost complete. What is more, our Professional Services can also provide you with qualified engineers for UIPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, or other RPA companies of your choice. We are constantly improving our knowledge to help you choose the best RPA approach for your needs. We encourage you to contact EasyData for competent advice.

RPA technology on trial! Experience RPA innovations through our Сloud environment. Our screen reader technology is where RPA basically starts.

In some cases, RPA can even be performed with PDFCommunicator, which comes with a powerful script editor to automate the process on budget. Connection to other applications can be realized using our innovative Business Connector.

EasyData makes RPA work for your benefit!

OCR Automation: RPA
OCR Automation: EasyVerify
OCR Technology: EasyVerify

When processing invoices, there can be exceptions that need to be reviewed by the responsible budget holder. In this case, it asks for a clear display of all account data. EasyVerify is the solution for this task as it can plug any database that gives you an overview of all the meaningful data in one screen! And you can also check the content on the scanned document in the same interface.

Plus, EasyVerify is a powerful module for validating OCR automation.

EasyVerify is developed using the most advanced technology. Based on HTML5 EasyVerify works in almost all browsers. As a matter of fact, it is extremely easy to use, i.e. behind every defined field a database can be connected. Moreover, business rules validation kicks in to each field either independently or in combination with other fields that match your document definition. Besides, you can work with EasyVerify from our Сloud as well as on premises even without an Internet connection. On top of that, you get to monitor operator’s speed and accuracy via HTTPS protocol.

Trail versions are available for document scanning projects, invoices, or order verification configurations. In our Сloud environment, we realize any solution that meets the requirements of your project. In addition, a local trial version of EasyVerify is also available. To evaluate the work, you only need processed documents with exceptions. Yet, another work scenario is generating datasets for Machine Learning. For this case, we support a test drive for Machine Learning as well and can connect the appropriate network to verify results.

OCR Technology: ABBYY Certified Partner

Without  doubt, the EasyData team is something special because we are ambitious people living and breathing innovative technologies and driven by our customers’ success. What is more, we are qualified engineers, scientists and business people who have known each other for many years. And you are sure to withness this when you order technical support, professional proof-of-concept or work evaluation.

Join the best professionals in their field.

EasyData engineers have most of the modern data capture and data analysis software solutions at their fingertips. Since our roots go deep into ABBYY, it’s no surprise that we have direct access to their technology and we are happy to be friends with each other. Besides ABBYY technology, we can advise you on UiPath, Blue Prism or Automation Anywhere without hesitation. Naturally, we master the products we implement in projects around the world. In addition to selling ABBYY Technology, we provide their technology at a better price than most competitors. All in all, just contact us for details and we’ll be happy to help you.

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