Neural network training gives you profit!

Neural network training

Neural Network Training
Neural Network Training: Find data with machine learning

Find data with machine learning

Neural Network Training starts with creation of a dataset, that’s where Machine Learning begins. Eventually, you can find data sets on the Internet for almost everything but for your specific business needs, like invoice recognition with machine learning. Here is where EasyVerify steps in as an efficient visual solution that helps you to produce the relevant dataset. What is more, you can assign as many users as you like and monitor individual operators performance online. As a result, with EasyVerify you get rid of a typical machine learning project’s headache of generating and marking a working dataset for ML training. Easy!

Create your dataset

When the raw data is scanned and sorted in any way you need for machine learning phase, it’s where your dataset creation process starts. Our experience tells that close operator monitoring drastically improves the dataset quality and overall process speed. You can, for example, hand out parts of your trained material to a number of operators for double verification. In this scenario, when data is identified differently, you know that there is a processing issue. Actually, the reason can be anything, from unclear instructions on the dataset classification to particular operator’s accuracy. In brief, the sooner you have dataset generation information available, the better results come with the first quality runs. However, our input doesn’t stop with delivering the personnel monitoring technology, equally important is that we can setup the system exactly tuned for your dataset generation! Get more info

Neural Network Training: Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Dataset batches can be trained by our Neural Network periodically for assessment of preliminary results. I.e., based on this agile machine learning approach, dataset falsifications are identified in an early state so no harm is done to the machine learning process itself.

EasyVerify ensures strict security for sensitive documents when working with datasets. Namely, only document parts are shown to operators. This way, EasyVerify complies with GDPR regulations and provides the required level of data protection. Hence, EasyVerify flexibility allows you to hire operators for machine learning dataset creation without disclosing your specific dataset purposes or content. Naturally, EasyData Machine Learning experts are happy to discuss your specific details for dataset generation.

Effective tuning

When the first results are there, it’s always an exciting moment! Naturally, we know what to suspect, it’s all about Data Science, it’s our job. Undoubtedly, if the process is setup by EasyData and we did the project management, we know even better what the outcome will be.

Still, better results are always possible, since it’s the balance between budget and quality, so when it’s enough? For instance, when images come from by a mobile device camera, they often need image quality enhancement first, and we can realize that. Of course, the decision is always yours, and we are there to assist in presenting the best results possible!

Neural Network Training: Machine Learning results

Machine learning results

Think about it, you have the results and you want to keep the project configuration for future use. Certainly, EasyData can arrange that for you. I.e., this would spare you from getting expensive dedicated hardware and the maintenance of machine learning network solutions that are used for your machine learning project. Please note that we offer a protected Cloud solution to keep you project alive, updated and operational 365 day’s a year. Get more info