Digital mailroom processing shortens turnaround time

Digital mailroom

Smarter Digital Mailroom

Digital mailroom processing can be controllable and efficient. The automated digital malibox for organizations of all sizes is now available.

Most documents today are digitally born. Modern e-mail located in Cloud, which is useful for small businesses, can meet the requirements of the GDPR. For larger organizations, we recommend installing it locally.

Digital mailroom ROI

Digital mailroom ROI

Become efficient by using innovations that extract valuable information for your process. Think about the possibilities to get your mail sorted with extracted data, on time, on place, to the right person.

It’s no rocket science and we make that promise to your mail process. Start sharing your issues with incoming mail. We will deliver a working proof of concept with ROI calculation.

Digital mailroom: No digital data

No digital data

That’s possible, you’re in the business where most documents are still on paper and need to go through the scanner. Yes, we hear you too! More than two decades mail processing gives us the advantage.

Expertise that we like to share with you! Realize document insights with speed and accuracy not seen before. We are there to implement a digital mailroom solution at your office.

Digital mailroom

When your organization receives large volumes of documents, ‘digital mailbox automation’ becomes not only interesting, but also extremely attractive in terms of accuracy, speed and cost savings.

Depending on the types of documents your organization receives,
mailbox processing can lead to unexpected and unimaginable business ideas. A digital mailbox is more than an automatic document routing solution, the data retrieval possibilities for your digital mailroom are endless!

When it comes to deploying a digital mail solution, some companies believe that they legally have to archive paper documents.
These rules apply only to a small number of documents, digitally created and signed ones do not have to be printed.
Start your transformation with one or more internal processes.
Learn in practice how to reduce costs and simplify mail handling in your office!

Invoice recognition is a fast and efficient mailbox automation. Most invoices get to suppliers digitally. We suggest you improve your workflow by adding data from external databases. Incoming invoices are identifiable by their origin; emails and invoice attachments can be easily converted to a format available to your ERP system.

Invoices that need to be registered for different departments are identifiable by simple, supported business rules to avoid ending up in the wrong department.This is an example of how a smart digital mailbox can work for you. Save time and effort by doing everything at once, automatically!

EasyData digital mail solution goes beyond simple mail sorting and scanning.  We supply an intelligent system that extracts and analyzes information, faster than a human can read.

Incoming Documents

Digitize your office environment. Automatically capture images from any device or source for further processing using an automatically selected workflow.

Reduce the human factor and save your budget, because now the post office is not overcrowded with people. The virtual e-post office runs on smart algorithms.

Validate information

Our solution is more than just sorting email. The process has become ‘intelligent’ thanks to the rules of decision-making. We identify and sort documents by type.

This is an efficient process. The postal application can access other sources, such as databases and ERP systems, to attach valuable information for the next step in incoming mail processing.

Verified export

After validation and enriching of the incoming documents from the required external data sources, these documents proceed to their destination based on predefined business rules.

Depending on their content and the set rules in the mailbox configuration, documents are go to the requested application, which can be any CRM, ECM, DMS or HR application.