Application Integration, connect applications with Intelligence

Application Integration, connect applications with Intelligence

Application integration is the expertise of EasyData

Application integration is the expertise of EasyData, our core technology realize communication between your applications in case of need for information exchange and verification. Integrated applications allows you to send and receive data between your systems in real time.

Scripting and machine learning technology allows you to analyze data between applications within a business connector. Our Business Connector is based upon a 20 years of industry standard experience to provide seamless integration between any existing or legacy application.

Continue to analyze by tracking data flows between applications connected through the Business Connector. Monitoring and logging keep your processes transparent.

 Connect Business Applications


Business Connectors offer flexible connectivity options. Converting XML to any requested format can be taken directly from our library in most cases.

The Business Connector architecture gives you complete freedom on web services, database connections, and even screen reading from legacy applications containing valuable data.


A stable working connection between applications is the primary key, the focus should be on the applications themselves. Our connector guarantees you this stability.

If something goes wrong, you can read the event in the log files. It is more than just a text file; the database allows you to view it directly in your browser.


The Business Connector is platform independent. The network functionality even allows you to evaluate the Сloud environment. Flexible architecture supports redundancy.

The Business Connector is designed to support your business, to intelligently synchronize information and ensure production within your organization.

More than two decades of technology development on the field of business connections are ready to support your specific needs. There is no need to worry if we can’t make the proper connection in your business. We perform even better. In most projects we are able to set up a proof of concept (POC) based on your requirements and get a life integration experience.

Flexibility is the key when external business systems need to be connected. That’s why we can offer our Cloud environment for testing any cross-platform connectivity or handy available solutions that can be used for practical testing with any application.

Applications and flexibility means connecting hardware too. Suppose you have a laboratory with equipment connected by specific laboratory software applications. We understand the requirements to release these type of data to your archiving system too. Contact us to talk about your specific wishes.


Business Connectors are middleware and cost plays an important role in the decision making process. We make it easy for you by offering services in our Cloud environment with a clear Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Additional module’s

When, for example, images play a role in the connector bus, you can use our OCR module inside the connector functionality. To get more out of this process, you can customize OCR quality reports.

Get connected

Now you can connect your applications to your organization. Critical business processes from one middleware; share valuable information with critical business applications!

Make your work enjoyable with Data integration!