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PDF converter to Excel, start with results!

PDF converter

If you want to convert PDF tables to Excel, there are all kinds of solutions online that promise the solution. Google “PDF conversion to Excel”. The result of these websites is often sad in the eyes of data specialists. Why “Free” if you then spend hours cutting and pasting? EasyData does not promise free PDF converter to Excel technology, but technology that works. How this smart conversion technology works and creates value for you is explained in this article. Does this make EasyData technology unaffordable and out of reach for the reader who is just looking for a simple and accurate PDF to Excel conversion? Certainly not!

Depending on your wishes, we will present you with various options with which you can make successful Excel sheets with possibly pivot tables in exactly the way you want!

Convert PDFs to usable Excel

EasyData PDF conversion technology distinguishes itself through an analysis of the PDF document offered. Only after our technology understands the document is the PDF converted to Excel. So there is no ‘stupid’ look at the PDF document and possible line separation. Admittedly, so there are a few more steps involved than simply uploading a PDF to an Online tool and then expecting an error-free result. Depending on the table structure, some preliminary work is required that you can do yourself or outsource to EasyData Excel table export specialists.

Watch the three videos at the bottom of this link for a technical impression

How PDF conversion to Excel works in practice.

For the sake of convenience, we start with our Table Analysis technology that we have applied in PDFCommunicator in an accessible manner. Our PDF Converter PDFCommunicator has the possibility to define tables yourself. Quite useful for non-technical users who want to recognize a relatively simple table. Often those tables don’t go well with the Free PDF conversion tools you find online. The advantage is that PDFCommunicator does not necessarily have to be a Cloud solution. So you can perform a PDF to Excel conversion on your own computer. This saves you the worry of processing the data without knowing where the server is located or who manages it.

I have a very difficult excel table

Then the question is whether this is a one-off action? In that case it could be a project for our Data Entry partner, who have experience with the conversion of difficult one-off PDF to Excel conversions. If it happens more often, for example a PDF that is regularly downloaded with data to be updated, automation is cost-effective. In that case, with some technical knowledge and EasyData Technology, results will be achieved and you will be able to convert PDFs to Excel error-free and without worries!

EasyData PDFconverter to Excel technology works on the trickiest documents!

Grip on data and grip on the GDPR

First of all, we think it is unwise to perform PDF conversions online, the information world is constantly changing and you want to know who is reading with you, right? With that in mind, we are interested in converting your Excel data anonymously. EasyData has extensive experience in that area. In the case of GDPR sensitive information, you will be amazed at the structure we have to offer. If no personal data or other sensitive data are involved, you can skip these instructions. From our specialism, we are sometimes surprised about what is shared with unknown PDF conversions via the Internet and would like to issue our warning here.

PDF to Excel conversions from the Internet

Suppose you have a document with data from the Internet in a certain hard-to-convert format and want to have it periodically recognized to Excel or another database. Such a conversion can be performed with EasyData technology. Below is an example ready for download from a regulation PDF of which users find it more convenient if the data is available in Excel. You can upload these tables to an Online PDF to Excel converter for education and entertainment. We do not expect the result that we deliver. This is the quality you can expect from our services! No complicated process, just editable result!

PDF to Excel conversion

To get an idea of EasyData PDF to Excel technology you can view the example PDF and our result in Excel here.

The big advantage is that a complex PDF document that has a table over several pages can be exported to a clear Excel document.

The table in the PDF document gives a good picture of how EasyData technology helps the user to convert data in a clear and “Database readable” way.

Invoice Download

PDF Converter Excel as Cloud service

A number of our customers want quick access to financial documents in order to guarantee the services offered, which is possible with EasyData PDF Converter Excel Technology. Excel macros can be added to this. Those macros can arrive at the desired summary via a pivot table. This pivot table then ties in with the services or expertise to be offered by our customer. EasyData compiles Excel summaries of any information that appears on the PDF. Watch the video to see a practical example of how EasyData enables PDF Conversions to Excel.

Knowing more? Contact us to discuss your ‘PDFconverter to Excel’ wishes!

Web Scraping Excel, data directly from the Internet!

Suppose you want to collect information from websites into an Excel document. That is a service that EasyData performs for a wide variety of customers. A number of these customers prefer not to make any statements about this for reasons of their own, an attitude that we wholeheartedly support. In order to show our potential customers what we have to offer, the imaginary customer has been set up. This website shows 10,000+ annual reports downloaded in an automatic process. Subsequently, these annual reports were classified and the final step was to convert the consolidated annual balance sheet from PDF to Excel. We can imagine that these actions are not immediately obvious. Also because other techniques have also been applied to these files as an interactive brochure.