The UBL solution is closer than you think

E-Invoices made easier with PDFCommunicator


E-Invoices consist of a structured, digital file that we call an XML. All invoice data is in a fixed place as agreed in that specific XML file, recorded in a standard. The advantage of these agreements is that an E-invoice is sent digitally from the automated sending system to the receiving system. Once the sender and recipient both comply with the electronic invoicing agreements, manual processing is a thing of the past. Such an XML is difficult for people to read, which is why we made a PDF with it Send XML file. This enables the employee who invoices the invoice, just like your accounting system, and save time as an organization.

Modern Invoices and older ERP Systems

Does your organization use an older ERP system that cannot handle E-Invoices? No problem, with PDFCommunicator we solve that problem effectively. PDFCommunicator is able to process or create the computer readable file (The XML), exactly in the way that the existing ERP system requires!

Innovate with E-Invoicing without major changes…

PDFCommunicator, your invoice process Game Changer

With PDFCommunicator you bring the mediator between your ERP system and digital invoices to your administrative process. This is the solution for organizations that want to save money without major changes in their billing process, while benefiting from the convenience that E-Invoicing has to offer. An additional advantage is that incoming PDF invoices are automatically converted to the digital file that the existing accounting system understands. If desired, the PDF invoices can be renamed in a manner that is desired within the organization.

Simple E-Invoicing, proven to save costs!

Send e-invoices with PDFCommunicator

With PDFCommunicator you can also send E-Invoices the other way around! As soon as an invoice is created, it will be “printed” to a PDF in some cases even to paper. That is no longer necessary with PDFCommunicator, which connects to your existing invoice printing process, it couldn’t be easier. By placing PDFCommunicator in the existing printing process, not only an Invoice PDF is created, but also an digital file for E-Invoicing. By default, this E-Invoice file is a UBL, but may differ based on the organization and desired E-Invoicing method.

Automatically convert invoice data to PDF and E-invoicing file.


Convert PDFs to an E-Invoice

To save administrative costs, E-Invoices are the most obvious way of working, opinions are not divided about this, but E-Invoicing is unfortunately not yet a reality for most companies and we make that accessible with PDFCommunicator. Quite simple in this example, if you receive a PDF without a digital E-Invoice file, PDFCommunicator takes over this task. This unique product can automatically convert the most complex invoices into a file suitable for E-Invoicing. Automatically, without manual actions.

Make PDFs suitable for E-Invoicing, just on your desktop!

Why should I invoice electronically?

First of all for the time savings this brings, electronic invoicing also gives your invoices a professional look and added value that your customers can certainly appreciate. Most invoicing processes have now been digitized, why would you charge your customers with them force you to process your invoice manually? (In case the PDFCommunicator doesn’t know of course). Show that your customer is central, even after the service provided, which in this case becomes tangible with the invoice. A professional and innovative way of sending invoices gives customers the positive feeling you want to experience when paying.

UBL Standard: Security


In practice, the automated billing process is safe and efficient. Thus, we guarantee GDPR compliance.

When you use our UBL solution, your data remains only on your site as
there are no Cloud or other external connections, period.

UBL solution in your organization

UBL in your organization

When you like to receive UBL from your suppliers, it is possible too. Basically, you can simply ask your supplier to use the smart UBL solution. No worries as long as EasyData handles it for your supplier as well.

We take care of the installation at your supplier’s site. This is how your supplier becomes a UBL solution driven organization!

A PDF is not an UBL

Some people think that a PDF invoice is the same as an electronic invoice. Well, this is not true. The thing is that we are talking about an electronic invoice, only when it can be booked automatically.

PDFCommunicator does all the invoice reading work for you.