Forensic cloud, an Affordable Intelligent Service

Forensic cloud, The Affordable Intelligent Service


Based on EasyData technology, we offer OCR. Do you have a million pages?

Going digital will take one day!

Our service provides PDF/A as an editable output format. Request technology testing,
we will be happy to help!


Do your documents need to be sorted or extracted? We perform such services with high precision.

Become more efficient by structuring your documents. Find out how the classification fits into your workflow.

Data Extraction

Our technology can extract any hidden information from any source.

Whether scanned image or database. Information management should work for you!

The platform that best meets the requirements for your Forensic cloud requirements


With over 20 years of experience, we see more and more data emerging every day.
This is more than just a ‘Big’  data, the information retrieval model itself has changed.

Today we have many different machine learning and deep learning platforms.
Based on customer requests for data analysis, we set up the most adequate system
that best meets the requirements for your Forensic cloud requirements.


Within our European data center, we usually work with our own NextCloud. NextCloud is comparable to Dropbox, the only difference is the open source model. By running NextCloud on our servers, we add some data analysis functionality.

For example, you can access our validation and classification solutions, as well as follow the process and learn about the current state of your data. Export is carried out in any format you prefer.


We do not store our clients’ data, they are transferred from the input folder
to the export folder. We only have data in our processing center.

Only you will have all the details of the workflow. Based on your
requirements, we can draw an architecture for audit purposes.


With the powerful EasyData platform, you don’t have to worry about hardware power. Our offer: easy installation and reasonable processing costs. In this case, the size of your project does not matter.

We offer you the best balance of data analysis and financial costs.