Data transformation: your guide to information efficiency

Data Transformation, your guide to information efficiency

Data transformation - Input Management

Input Management

EasySeparate recognizes and classifies incoming documents and sends them forward to the required Digital transformation workflow depending on the content.

As a result, the document can be supplemented by the data specified in the document, which
allows you to take appropriate solutions and create automated processing workflows.

Data transformation - Compatibility


EasySeparate seamlessly connects to your existing systems as over the years we have created a large amount of connectors in different systems.

To sum up, our experience on Digital transformation allows us to quickly implement data connection and transmission to any system and in any format.

Data transformation - Reasonable


EasySeparate fits your needs, we are sure of that. For that reason, we offer you digital transformation without obligations, and we invite you to test our platform free of charge in order to witness innovating benefits for your own organization.

Data transformation - Digital transformation processes

Data transformation processes

The deployment of innovation is important for successful Digital transformation processes.
Therefore, one can link separate modules to our platform, which boosts the process efficiency. And EasyData with our platform can play a leading role in reaching the best result here. Needless to say, we are aware that our process optimization knowledge should land in your organization in a way that innovative transformation serves the interests of your organization.

In response to this, EasyData has data transformation modules are available free of charge to make the benefits visible to employees.

Data transformation - our Digital Transformation Strategy

Our Data transformation strategy

Which digital strategy do we stand for?
The emphasis on digital transformation is different for every organization. Therefore, via appealing benefits such as a knowledge session or a working evaluation model, EasyData brings innovative transformation technology closer to the employees who in fact experience these changes. For EasyData, data transformation is more than making innovative technology available. It is primarily about taking employees along in the intended digital process! For example, forging of your digital strategy (what are my starting points?) provides a welcome addition to the existing company vision.

Be your own Data transformation

Be your own Data transformation

Practice shows that organizations do digitize, but get stuck in it. However, digital transformation is really more than ‘just’ digitizing. Let’s take a PDF invoice as an example, that has little to do with the adaptation of digital possibilities. And PDF (UBL) XML really does! This is just a small example from the chain from process conversion to digitization. Yet, there is much more inside EasySeparate to discover, think, for example, about visualization of workflows.

Entry point

Import documents from any type of source: e-mail, file server, Internet search or database, or simply by scanning a document with a scanner or taking a photo with your phone.

Eventually you’ll get a full-text document that can be recognized using one of several recognition systems. And we will help you find the best settings for your requirements.


To determine the type of documents, we use innovative neural networks, machine learning, computer vision or classical keywords search. This way, the system allows you to search for unstructured data. For example, here we talk personalities, company names, money amounts, account numbers, etc. And you also can use our algorithms, for example, for data transformation to analyze tables for a wide variety of documents.


You can easily export analyzed data to different formats and systems. For this purpose, the system can be easily configured. It can send out results by email, upload them to FTP or SharePoint. Also, integration with 1C, SAP, Xero, SalesForce systems has been implemented. What is more, our experts can act as a tutor to your developers on how to write a C# script in case you need specific integration or data verification.


The system monitors and corrects errors that occur on poor quality or damaged documents. Then, the data can be verified using external data sources, i.e. databases, electronic archives, or by matching several  documents. Besides, verification operators can work locally on your system or using our EasyVerify app. All in all, EasyVerify is a document verification station with many features.

EasySeparate is a complete solution for a complete document processing cycle.

It is ready for use in basic organizational processes such as invoice processing, invoice recognition, document verification and validation, and export of processing results to XML or other formats. Besides, we can implement other scenarios too.

In our video on EasySeparate, you can get a deeper insight into the tasks to solve using our platform and other use posible scenarios in your digital transformation journey.

EasySeparate product information is available in our brochure. You can download it from the link at the end of the article. In addition, we offer you free testing of our platform so that you can see for yourself how effective it is on documents.

Data transformation