Document Classification, get your data quick online confirmed

Online verification, get your data confirmed

Document classification and validation is an important part of data capture. It is not always possible to automatically read or combine the desired values.

EasyData algorithms can automatically classify many documents, but there is a point where human intervention is desirable. Or think about the creation of a machine learning dataset.

In those cases, manual classification is necessary. When needed, Data Capture installations use visualization tools. The goal is to show a document with explicable points that are unclear, exactly why this document is an exception in the automatic process.

EasyVerify was developed for this purpose; an affordable tool for document visualization!

Why Document Classification is important for you

For your information system to remain functional, it is important to keep track of the document content and its data type. The data type can be classified by privacy level, document source, author, related business process, or creation time.

Based on the classification, you can easily get detailed information about content and insight into business data that was not previously available. Beside smart data capture for strategic insight, this is another compelling reason for automatic document classification, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Act.

By automatically classifying documents and labeling them with the proper protection level you reach the level of GDPR compliance at your document workflow without spending a fortune.

Verification of calculations

In many business processes, you need to validate not only data but also values. As an example, imagine incoming forms with dates and numbers on different pages, as well as license plate information.

Before the data from these forms set off to the next application, validation and business rules checking take place. EasyData algorithms automatically perform any complex mathematical tasks in business processes. Our solutions provide everything needed for for this.

Some forms, even after automatic processing, need human validation – in case of exceptions, possible incorrect user input, or simply possible misinterpreted handwritten text. EasyVerify allows you to visually check and perform field calculations. Operators can also use the app to calculate and obtain results from complex mathematical formulas. That’s all coming insight after intelligent Document Classification performance!